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The Daffodil Hotel & Spa Wedding Photography

The Daffodil Hotel and Spa Wedding Photography

Lake District Wedding Photography

After straining to see through the rain and hail on the M6 and dodging waves from Lake Windermere crashing over the road, I arrived at The Daffodil Hotel and Spa to be met with a very smiley and very relaxed Stacey, calmly having her make up done by the lovely Daniella Makeup & Hair, while watching wrestling on the tv and sharing hash browns with her bridesmaids.

No amount of wind and rain was going to dampen Stacey’s big day and from start to finish a smile never left her face. Exactly the same could be said about Sam. From spending a few minutes with him and his groomsmen in the morning, I knew that I was in for a great day, surrounded by wonderfully friendly people who proceeded to make me feel so welcome all day.

Daffodil Hotel and Spa Wedding Reception

The ceremony was a joy to witness, full of cheeky smiles and many laughs between Stacey and Sam. There is nothing better for a wedding photographer than capturing real moments of joy and love between a couple and their family and friends.

Stacey is a talented wedding stylist and with her vision and the help of the amazing Pamella Dunn, the theme of this incredible day was realised. Smiling faces, good laughs, games, real hugs, talented singers (of all ages) and a few Jäger bombs to top things off, made this day and absolute pleasure to be a part of. Even the rain and hail eased long enough to get some much wanted wedding photos outside with that quintessential lake district backdrop.

Here are just a few images from my first Daffodil Hotel and Spa wedding photography experience.

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