Hi. I’m Dan, a wedding photographer based in Warrington. That dodgy looking character below…that’s me! Since when I was in my teen’s photography has always been a passion of mine, I’ve never been able to walk away from a scene without trying to capture it as I knew that particular shot was unique and never repeatable.

Daniel Lloyd

Hi I’m Dan, a wedding photographer in Cheshire. I live in Warrington with my fantastic wife and our gorgeous, cheeky, bright, energetic, very boisterous…did I say cheeky…little boy, who is soon to become a big brother!

Since a young age, photography has always been there in some way, whether it was being given a disposable camera on holiday or persuading my grandad to let me have a go with his beloved SLR. I remember an occasion where I rattled off an entire films worth of shots of the carpet before he yelped ‘your fingers on the trigger’. I’ve never been able to walk away from a scene without feeling an urge to capture it as I knew that particular scene was unique and never repeatable, then being so excited while I waited to see the final image.

I never dreamed wedding photography could become a career. For twelve years I was a project manager for an engineering company. Not a bad job but it didn’t exactly make me leap out of bed every morning with a smile from ear to ear. But then everything changed, I was made redundant just as my wife and I had spent all of our savings on our own wedding. It was on our honeymoon in the Maldives where I decided that I needed to take action. Trust me, in a place like that, surrounded by all that incredible scenery (and cocktails) you can’t help but let your imagination race and allow yourself to feel capable of anything.

I figured that when I returned home I could either hunt for another similar job, or I could take a leap of faith and do something that I really wanted to do, something that I love. So, as soon as got home I got cracking with my new venture and five years on I’ve never looked back!


When I’m not being a Cheshire Wedding Photographer, I love spending time with my family, which mainly involved trying to keep up with our son who runs everywhere! I love coffee, cake, chocolate, pretty much anything sweet, then (if I have time) trying burn some of it off with a walk in the country.



My wedding photography style is very much documentary, I want to capture your day naturally as it unfolds, rather than jostling you into uncomfortable poses. I certainly won’t be bugging you every five minutes and taking you away from your guests. I will be right in the action so not to miss any of those unique moments, but pride myself on not getting in peoples face, that way everyone can relax without the threat of a camera lens looming towards them. I keep things very relaxed and unobtrusive. You won’t hear me shouting at your guests to ‘get into position’. When your friends and family are relaxed that when the real moments, laughter and tears of joy happen and I’ll be there to record them.

At a convenient point in the day, usual after the ceremony and one or two reception drinks, we’ll nip off for 10 or 15 minutes take some time to capture some purely natural images of you both. This is of course where we get those timeless images of you both having just got married, but its also a unique moment in an otherwise whirlwind day, for you both to have a quiet moment to yourself and take everything in, away from the hustle and bustle…you just got married!!

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